The Concept of Data Nation

This page talks about the concept of Data Nation
Definition - Data Nation is an organisation, institutional, city, state or even a country who recognises the importance and value of data thereby promoting the growth of data industries within their jurisdiction while protecting data privacy and data ownership of their citizens. Thereby improving social and economic prosperity of their citizens.
As defined above, Data Nation is a nation (or even a group of people at micro level) who treats data as their reserve asset and creates economic activities around it to promote the growth of data industries.
Unfortunately, today data is not getting the attention it deserves and hence very few organisations have established data laws that is needed to protect the privacy and ownership of their citizen's data. But, if a nation were to follow the definition and implement needed data infrastructure, that nation should be considered as Data Nation.
In order to showcase how a Data Nation could look like and how it can bring prosperity to its citizens, we have tried to implement this template for Datapolis.

Datapolis is therefore world's first Data Nation