Swap Datatoken -> Datatoken

2 ) Connect your Wallet to the Dapp. Make sure you are connected to the correct network.

3) Click on "You are selling" dropdown and Select Datatoken from 'Select a Token' Modal

4) Click on "Select To" dropdown and Select another Datatoken that you want to buy/swap to

5) Enter Datatoken amount you want to sell/swap for other Datatoken. Click on 'Swap' button.

Note - If you previously didn't Unlocked your sell datatoken, you will be asked to confirm an unlock transaction. You can either Unlock 'Permanently' (for gas savings) or 'Only this time' for this transaction.

6) Check the displayed values (especially 'Minimum Received' and 'Slippage Tolerance'). Once done, click on 'Confirm Swap'

7) Confirm transaction on your selected Wallet. You will have to confirm one/three transactions -

8 ) Once transactions are processed, you can click on "View on explorer" to view the confirmed transactions on relevant explorer for that network (e.g. Etherscan)

That's it
You have now successfully swapped Datatoken that you wanted to sell with Datatoken that you wanted to buy.