Trade aims to be 1-stop DEX solution that allows non-OCEAN holders to invest/trade in datasets at best market prices while saving on gas costs.
Trade is a DEX like interface that allows users to buy/sell/trade Datatokens within the same unified UI efficiently.
Trade v1 allows users different types of trades as follows -
1) OCEAN to Datatoken Swap
2) Datatoken to OCEAN Swap
3) Datatoken to Datatoken Swap
4) ERC20 to OCEAN Swap (WIP)
5) OCEAN to ERC20 Swap (WIP)
6) ERC20 to Datatoken Swap (WIP)
7) Datatoken to ERC20 Swap (WIP)
Trade v2 will allow users to swap any ERC20 token to Datatokens and vice-versa. Thereby, onboarding a lot of new investments into Datasets and thereby contributing towards mass adoption of Ocean Protocol.
In the next sections, we will show step-by-step guide on how to perform these swaps.