This guide describes - How to remove your stake from a datapool !!

1) Follow all steps from Manage Stakes guide. After that, you would have the below screen opened.

2) Click on the Remove button.

3) Enter the percentage of the staked amount you want to remove

Note - Based on your stake in that pool and the swap rate, DataX will show you the approximate amount of OCEAN tokens you will receive when removing your percentage stake.
Important - There are limits to the percentage you can remove. These restrictions are not imposed by DataX but by datapool Smart contracts to ensure no one removes entire liquidity and makes datatokens illiquid.
Note - If haven't unlocked Selected Datatoken before on Datapolis, you will be asked for to unlock it. Click on Unlock button. You can then Unlock Permanently (to save gas) or Unlock this time only. Choose one option that suits your needs.

That's it
You have now successfully unstaked your tokens from datapool.

Last modified 1yr ago