This section shows - How to stake your OCEAN tokens in datapool of your choosing !!
To stake your OCEAN tokens, follow the steps below

2) Click on the "Select Token" button. You should see a modal pop-up with tokens based on a selected network.

Tip - You can check and confirm the datapool and datatoken from the explorer link (shown in the image below)
Tip - If you previously staked OCEAN in this pool, you can check your stake in that pool in the stats shown in the modal below

3) Choose a datatoken on which datapool you would like to stake your OCEAN tokens.

'Max Stake' button allows you to quickly enter the maximum allowed OCEAN token (calculated as the lesser value between your OCEAN balance and the maximum allowed limit on datapools)
Note - If you haven't unlocked your OCEAN yet, you will be asked to Unlock OCEAN either Permanently or for this transaction

4) Enter amount of OCEAN tokens you would like to stake.

5) Click on the 'Stake' button and confirm transaction your connected Wallet

6) Once the transaction is successful, you will get a notification.

That's it
You have now successfully staked on your favourite pools. To Manage your stakes in your staked pools, you can check the Manage Stakes section.