Welcome to Datapolis

Datapolis is the world's first Data Nation. Concept of Data Nation is covered in another chapter. This chapter covers what is Datapolis

What is Datapolis?

In simple terms, Datapolis is a dapp built on DataX Protocol and implements all features provided by DataX.
Datapolis is a futuristic virtual city state that treats data as a reserve asset and implements the concept of Data Nation. Datapolis is a city where prime economic activities are based around datasets carried out in Data Districts. Visitors (read: users) can visit these districts to participate in those activities
(e.g.) trade datasets in Datapolis' Trade District, a wall street-like area or stake their tokens in a Stake District, a big vault where datasets are kept along side other valuables like gold.
In future, regular users of Datapolis will be able to claim role-based NFTs and transition through different roles from Tourists to Citizens to Governors in a unique RPG-kind of game play. As the city advances and add new districts, more gamified elements will be added to this gameplay (e.g.) users will be able to earn rewards for performing core activities on Datapolis.
In future, Datapolis will have many new Data Districts. You can check out the video below to see which new districts are coming in the future
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